A drummer’s choice of using a metal snare drum is often due to the desire and need for more volume. Our metal shell snare drums, whether of steel, brass or aluminium, tend to project louder than wood shell snare drums. However, they can also be articulate and sensitive and incredibly warm. The Rebel Custom Shop metal snares feature proprietary bearing edges and snare bed technology.
Discover the full range of Rebel Custom Shop metal snare drums here and see if you can find your dream snare drum.


With the Rebel Custom Shop series brass snare you can feel the punch when you really dig into it, yet the shell produces a smooth, sensitive response when played lightly. Overtones are controlled and lows are strong with singing highs. This elegant drum is crafted from rolled high-quality brass and can be customized in any drum hardware color option. It comes with vintage style 2.3mm inward hoops, an handmade 22 snare strainer and Remo Ambassador heads on both sides. This snare drum offers an exciting bearing edge proprietary combination that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities, R2 45 degree on the top head and R2 45 degree on the bottom head. From the acoustic demands of a club gig to the amplified roar of the concert stage, the Rebel Custom Shop brass snare will always respond to your playing style.

Available Size

14” x 6”


Satin Brushed


Chrome and Black Nickel available

Proprietary Die Cast Strainer

Proprietary 22 Strand Snare Wire

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